Blue Jays vs. Rangers, Joey Bautista vs. Rougned Odor rematch set for ALDS

With Tuesday night's dramatic walk-off victory over the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Wild Card Game, the Toronto Blue Jays ensured the world of two things: 1) A rematch of last fall's thrilling ALDS series with the Texas Rangers; and, oh yeah, 2) that the rematch would feature heightened emotions.

If you'll recall, that series last October ended with tempers flaring following Jose Bautista's since-immortalized bat flip:

Then, back in May during their last meeting of the season, the Rangers-Blue Jays rivalry intensified further when Bautista slid in hard to second base. Rougned Odor didn't take so kindly to Bautista's act, and, well, hands were thrown (but not regretted):

So here we are again, with the Rangers and Blue Jays meeting once more. You've already seen the signs in the Toronto crowd taunting (begging for?) Odor. Now we'll get to see just how much these teams dislike each other -- and just how much more feisty things can get over the course of a potentially intense five-game set.

Ain't baseball grand?

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