Last Friday, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman had a tense encounter with Connecticut police. Cashman, who had reported his car as stolen earlier in the week, was leaving a gas station in the vehicle when officers pulled him over and aimed their guns at him

On Wednesday, the body-camera footage was released showing the scene -- and boy, was it a scary one. Do note it's a stressful watch, so feel free to skip ahead for a description if you don't want to watch it. CBS New York has the video.

For those who opted against clicking, the officer in question did indeed have their weapon aimed at Cashman as he exited the vehicle and walked backward toward the cops. Cashman noted that as many as nine cops had their guns drawn on him as he exited. That aspect cannot be verified using the above video, but there's no reason to doubt Cashman's account. 

The incident stemmed from a mistake. Cashman's car had been returned to him without being removed from the stolen vehicles list. As such, police believed he was the car thief. Thankfully, Cashman was able to correct the error and drive away without suffering further harm.