Braun (apparently not all that hated) could be voted to start All-Star Game

Ryan Braun won't be the National League's leading All-Star vote-getter, as he was last year.

But Braun may well get enough votes from fans to be an All-Star starter, and that is amazing.

It's not that he doesn't deserve it. Braun has better numbers than he had at this time last year.

It's not that he hasn't won All-Star votes before. Braun has been voted a starting outfielder each of the last four years.

But weren't fans -- fans outside of Milwaukee -- supposed to hate Braun this year? Weren't fans supposed to be outraged over his failed drug test, even after an arbitrator overturned baseball's attempt to have Braun suspended for 50 games?

I know that any time I write anything positive about Braun, I get angry emails or tweets mentioning steroids. I know that in some visiting ballparks, Braun has been booed.

But in voting totals announced Tuesday, Braun had 3,168,617 votes. The only players in the National League with more were Joey Votto, Matt Kemp, Carlos Beltran and Buster Posey.

I know that the Brewers have run a big "Vote Braun" campaign, but there's no way that all of those votes are coming from Wisconsin. No other Brewer is anywhere close to winning a starting spot (not that any of them deserve it).

Braun isn't guaranteed to win a spot. With two days of online voting still to go, he holds only a narrow lead over Melky Cabrera.

For now, Braun is leading. Already, he has received tons of votes.

Some fans have turned on him, without doubt, because of the events of last winter.

A whole bunch more obviously haven't.

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