Braves lose both Uptons to muscle strains in same game

In the first inning of Friday evening's game against the Reds, B.J. Upton had an awkward landing in his attempt to snare this eventual Todd Frazier triple:

The Braves soon announced that he left the game with a right adductor strain -- which would be a thigh muscle close to the hip.

B.J. would soon be joined in the locker room by his brother, Justin, who left the game with a left calf strain after coming up a bit hobbled following a seventh-inning ground out.

Not only that, but right fielder Jason Heyward left Thursday's game with a hamstring injury, meaning the Braves lost their entire outfield in the span of around 24 hours.

After further evaluation, the Braves believe Heyward will miss the rest of the weekend but are hopeful he'll return after the All-Star break. With muscle issues, it seems pretty likely the case will be similar with both Upton brothers.

The three Braves outfielders have immense levels of talent but all three have underachieved to different degrees for most of the season -- with B.J. Upton being the biggest offender.

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