There are few things more admirable than an impressive puke and rally. Adrian Houser may be a first-ballot puke and rally Hall of Famer after his performance on Saturday. 

During the first inning of Saturday's Brewers-Rangers game in Milwaukee, Houser booted a ground ball and allowed a baserunner on what should have been an easy out. Then, the Milwaukee starter doubled down by booting on the field. He was visibly uncomfortable before crouching to the grass and vomiting somewhat violently. 

If for some reason you're interested in watching video of that gross moment, knock yourself out:

It was an ugly scene, though not an unfamiliar one for Houser, who also threw up on the mound in Milwaukee last season. (For what it's worth, last year's vomit was awfully chunky and disgusting, while this year's was rather watery. Just providing the important analysis for you all).

But Houser was not only able to stay in the game after getting checked out by trainers on Saturday... he went on to pitch a damn fine ballgame. He went six innings, giving up just three hits and one earned run while striking out 10 batters en route to picking up the win.

After the game, Houser was ready to take on the media, though hopefully he brushed his teeth first.

The only question now is what kind of upchuck will be featured on Houser's puke and rally Hall of Fame plaque.