Brewers apparently don't want Cubs fans to buy tickets from them

Because the Cubs have lots of fans and because the northern Chicago suburbs pretty much stretch to Wisconsin, you get a lot of Cubs rooters in the stands when the Brewers host the Cubs at Miller Park. So much is this the case that Miller Park on such occasions is informally known as "Wrigley Field North."

The Brewers, understandably, don't much care for such encroachments by their NL Central rivals. "Well then," one might plausibly say to that. "Perhaps Brewers fans should buy more tickets."

Sound advice indeed, and the club is going to do its part to ensure that happens ... 

Like the floating words next to Craig Counsell say, if you want to get tickets to any Miller Park tilts between the Cubs and Brewers in 2018, then you'll need a Wisconsin mailing address. Should we expect a run on P.O. Boxes just across the border in Kenosha? That's what it might take, Cubs fans. Given the enthusiasm surrounding the Brewers, who emerged as surprise contenders last season and have been among the active teams this winter, expect the good people of Sconnie to scoop these up. 

As for the Cubs, well, they're not indulging in such commercial tribalism, at least just yet ... 

People, things just got real in the upper Midwest. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Big League Stew)

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