Brewers reliever Will Smith was on track to at least share closing duties for the team this season. Instead, he'll go down as a Hall of Famer in the "Dumb Spring Training Injuries" category. Here's what went down, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

After pitching Thursday in a minor-league game, he returned to the clubhouse to shed his uniform and take a shower. He was standing up, removing a shoe, when he lost his balance and twisted the right knee.

“I was standing on one leg, trying to take the shoe off and I pulled hard and it stayed on. My knee just went up and popped,” said Smith. “It sucks.”

He pretty well summed it up with that last line. That does, really, suck.

The injury is a torn LCL (outside of the knee) and might require surgery. That decision will be made within the next few days.

What we do know is that suffering a major knee injury while taking off your shoe ... sucks.

Will Smith won't be pitching for a while.
Will Smith won't be pitching for a while. (USATSI)