Bryce Harper is already men's mag fodder

<player idref=Bryce Harper is 19 years old and has yet to enjoy any sustained success above the low-A Sally League. Still, there's no doubting his baseball chops, and there's no overstating the expectations placed squarely upon him. In part this is because Harper is so lavishly gifted, and in part this is because Harper conducts himself like, well, not quite a 19-year-old male but rather a 19-year-old male with the wherewithal to take a bath in cash.

So it's not entirely surprising that Harper is already the subject of a profile in one of those magazines that smells like cologne. GQ, to be precise.

Therein, writer Will Leitch teaches us that, among other things, Harper quite enjoys the F word, that he intends on sliding uncommonly hard into second base, that he characterizes one notable incident as an "‘eff you’ from the mouth," and that he compares hand pain to something ... odd. As you can see, there is also compelling photographic evidence that Harper can fit a regulation-sized baseball in his mouth. (For the sake of context, please note that I just tried this and failed straighaway.)

Hall of Famer and greatest third baseman ever Mike Schmidt also provided his $0.02 on Harper's approach to baseball, the game that makes a fetish out of decorum: ""I would think at some point the game itself, the competition on the field, is going to have to figure out a way to police this young man."

Bryce Harper: You can't stop him; you can only hope to police him.
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