Bryce Harper odds: Cubs favorite to sign soon-to-be free agent slugger this offseason; oddsmakers have Nationals fifth

As Nationals outfielder and pending free agent Bryce Harper begins what may be his final D.C. homestand, it's a timely occasion to think about where he might wind up for 2019 and beyond. 

Harper along with Dodgers infielder Manny Machado are of course the headliners of what's going to be one of the most coveted free-agent classes in the history of same. Harper's going to cost a lot of money -- probably in excess of $400 million thanks to his youth and MVP upside -- which will necessarily limit his suitors. So where's he going?

To get an early answer this question, let's allow the money to do the talking. Here come the following odds on where Harper will ply his trade starting next season:

Cubs +150
Dodgers +350
Yankees +450
Phillies +650
Nationals +700
Red Sox +900
Angels +1200
Giants +1500

The Cubs have deep coffers, are in win-now mode, and Kris Bryant -- Harper's old friend from their Las Vegas days -- is already in the fold. They certainly make sense and are heavily buzzed contender for the slugger. The Dodgers are also a financial powerhouse, and if Harper desires a return out west, then they'd be a natural fit. The Yankees are a rumor staple when it comes to any coveted free agent, and the Phillies have resources and unmatched payroll flexibility thanks to their very limited number of long-term commitments. Meantime, the incumbent Nats check in at fifth place. Really, it would be a shocker if Harper landed anywhere outside that top five, but he and Mike Trout (and Shohei Ohtani) in the same Angels lineup is certainly something to dream on. 

Considering this to be very developing. 

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