Bryce Harper to the Cardinals? Nelly makes his St. Louis pitch to the superstar free agent

In this week's edition of "Where in the World is Bryce Harper?" we find the star free agent slugger at a Florida Georgia Line concert in his hometown of Las Vegas. Nelly, a St. Louis rapper and Cardinals fan, was playing with the country duo, and he got a picture with Harper after the show.

Harper's friend/fellow Las Vegas native/Cubs star Kris Bryant was also there. 

But what does it all MEAN? According to Nelly, it means that Harper is definitely joining the Cardinals. And Nelly might be taking GM duties, but that's unclear.

"...I'm here with the hottest free agent to be, my man Bryce Harper," Nelly said while bringing an awkward Harper into the frame. "Listen [Cardinal president Bill Dewitt], call me. I got this. I'm doing all the negotiations. He just needs a little convincing man. That's all man." All of this came well Harper was over Nelly's shoulder begging him with eyes to stop.

To Nelly's delight, Harper to the Cardinals could actually work. Dewitt said last month that the team is in a position to offer a mega contract to the likes of Harper or Manny Machado. Perhaps this won't be the last time Nelly and Harper hang out.

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