Bryce Harper stepped into the batter's box at Nationals Park as a visitor for the first time on Tuesday night, facing the team that drafted him and employed him for the first seven years of his MLB career.

The new Phillies slugger anticipated that he'd get some boos from his former fans in Washington, but the reception was probably colder than even he expected. As he approached the plate for his first at-bat, It sounded like a majority of Nationals fans were raining boos down on Harper. 

Hell, they even booed him during his pregame tribute video as well.

But the most vicious Harper burns at the ballpark on Tuesday came from various signs and attire scattered throughout the crowd. Scorned Nats fans were ready to greet the outfielder with messages addressing his "betrayal" this offseason. 

There was this youngster who was not afraid to pull up the numbers.

There was this gentleman who provided revisionist perspective on that Harper-Jonathan Papelbon skirmish from a few years back.

Multiple fans made reference to the infamous "clown question, bro" quote from Harper. 

These dudes went with a pretty basic, run-of-the-mill idea, but we must give them credit for having enough sense to use "traitor" instead of the oft-misused "trader."

Then there was this kid and his very creative sign, complete with a very internet-friendly SpongeBob SquarePants meme. 


But the best burn of the night came from this fella and his awesome t-shirt. 

Succinct and to the point. This guy takes a no-nonsense approach to his business and I like that about him.

Of course, it should be noted that most of these fans taking their swings at Harper and his numbers, quotes, bank account, etc. likely would have been ecstatic had Harper decided to stick around this offseason. However, as someone who loves a heel and some hate in sports, it's important not to let logic get in the way of a good roast.