Buddy Bell says he has no interest in managing again

PHOENIX -- Every now and then, one of Buddy Bell's friends will tell him he should manage again.

And Bell says no.

"I have no interest," he said.

Bell's friends tell him they'd like to see him finally get a chance to manage a team with some talent. Bell's three chances at managing came with overmatched teams in Detroit, Colorado and Kansas City, and as a result he has a 519-724 career record.

Bell has risen within the White Sox front office, where he now holds a vice president title. He runs the player development department, but also is close with owner Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Ken Williams.

Some thought Bell might end up as the White Sox manager when Ozzie Guillen left, but instead he was instrumental in convincing Robin Ventura to take the job.

"I like what I'm doing," said Bell, who last managed with the Royals in 2007. "I like the people I'm working for. I like working with the younger kids.

"When I'm doing this job, I don't think about managing. When I'm managing, I think about this job."

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