One the more impressive and unheralded streaks in baseball has come to an end.

With Thursday's loss to the Royals (KC 4, STL 2), the Cardinals have clinched their first losing month in four years. Four years!

Only twice since June 2012 did the Cardinals finish a month with a .500 record: April 2016 (12-12) and June 2013 (14-14). They've been really good for a really long time now.

Yadier Molina hasn't had a losing month in a long time. USATSI

Now, there is a small caveat here. The Cardinals did go 0-3 last October, but that's not a full month, so it doesn't count towards this streak. September and October are usually smushed together and considered one month for regular season baseball purposes. Same with March and April.

As if clinching your first losing month in four years wasn't bad enough, the Cardinals also suffered their seventh consecutive home loss Thursday night. Ouch.

The good news for the Cardinals is the Cubs lost Thursday night too (NYM 4, CHC 3), so St. Louis didn't lose any ground in the NL Central. Of course, they're also games 11 back of Chicago, so they're facing quite an uphill climb. The Cardinals are one game back of the second wild card spot.