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Carlos Correa's walk-off homer to take Game 5 of the American League Champion Series (HOU 4, TB 3) was impressive in its own right as it was a desperately needed second step as the Astros attempt to complete an improbable series comeback against the Rays. But even more impressive is that the highlight could become a piece of baseball lore; oh, and it also made history as well.

First, the lore bit. According to Dusty Baker following the 4-3 win over Tampa Bay on Thursday, Correa had apparently called his shot prior to his final at-bat.

Whether this actually happened could be up for debate in the same way Babe Ruth's supposedly called shot against the Chicago Cubs in the 1932 World Series is also a subject of debate -- though newly found audio from Lou Gehrig supports the claim that Ruth did call his shot. Unlike the Ruth era, however, there is technology available in the clubhouse that could actually validate this claim.

Now for the history-making bit of this walk-off. Houston became the first team in major-league history to hit a home run on the first and the last pitch the players saw in a game. George Springer was the guy who got things started for the Astros on the first pitch of the evening, belting a solo shot just moments after the umpire had yelled "play ball."

The Rays' commanding 3-0 series lead has now been cut down to much more narrow 3-2 lead. If Houston can keep making magic with plays like Correa's walk-off, then this historic moment might end up being a footnote in this series' retelling, which is truly saying something.