Cashman to Yankees fans: Get over Eduardo Nunez

Brian Cashman would like you to smoke the 'objective pipe' with regard to Eduardo Nunez. (Getty Images)

Ever since the serious injury to Curtis Granderson, Yankees-verse has been chattering about the possibility prospect Eduardo Nunez will serve as the homegrown savior in 2013. Well, GM Brian Cashman is here to, a) enjoy a deep toke on the "objective pipe"; and b) tell you (meaning those irrationally exuberant Yankees rooters) that you know not whereof you speak. From the New York Post:

"That’s not a great offensive player," Cashman said.

The GM said there are misconceptions that “come and go with our fan base regarding certain players” and he includes the 25-year-old Nunez in that category.

"There’s a lot of opinions on him and what he could or couldn’t do," Cashman said. "It’s interesting to me. I’ve had a lot of people say, you’ve gotta get 500 at bats for this guy, find a position for him as if he’s some sort of offensive juggernaut."

Yankees fans have a reputation for high treason. They also have a reputation for unwarranted certainties when it comes to the future of the team's younger players. So it is with Nunez, at least to hear Cashman tell it. 

He's probably right, of course. After all, there's nothing in Nunez's dossier (.271/.314/.365 for his minor-league career, .272/.318/.384 in 491 major-league plate appearances) to suggest he has the bat for anything other than his primary position of shortstop.

In related news, Vince from Passaic thinks Cashman is being stoopid and will now hang up and listen.

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