Earlier this week, longtime New York Yankees left-hander CC Sabathia announced his retirement over Twitter, just days after suffering a shoulder injury during the American League Championship Series. Sabathia, who co-hosts the "R2-C2" podcast with announcer Ryan Ruocco, discussed his retirement, the injury, and more on the latest edition of the show.

The biggest takeaway is that the injury -- Sabathia suffered a dislocation, among other things -- derailed a potential comeback attempt. One that, perhaps, may not have come with the Yankees.

"Next July, I would've been like, 'Man, I can probably pitch out of the bullpen,'" Sabathia said, acknowledging he had taken to his new relief role. When Ruocco followed up, asking Sabathia if he would have seriously contemplated returning, Sabathia replied: "Oh, next summer I would have been coming back, for sure -- 1,000 percent. If I didn't do that with the shoulder, I would have been coming back."

Sabathia then takes the conversation a step further, noting that he had even considered leaving the Yankees if need be in order to continue his career. "This is how wild it was, I started even thinking, '[expletive] man, I'll go to Minnesota, I'll go wherever. Like, I can still pitch," Sabathia said. "That's how serious it was, I wasn't even tripping … like …  man, I'll [expletive] go to the A's and get three people out, you know what I'm saying?"

Nevertheless, Sabathia concludes that he is now finished -- crediting the baseball gods for saving him from himself. As such, Yankees fans don't have to worry about him returning in another team's uniform. 

Sabathia, 39, pitched in part of 19 big-league seasons. He accumulated 3,577 innings, a 3.74 ERA (116 ERA+), a 2.81 strikeout-to-walk ratio, and 63 Wins Above Replacement. Sabathia also won the 2007 Cy Young Award, made six All-Star Games, and was part of the Yankees' 2009 World Series championship squad -- that same fall he won the ALCS MVP Award. He seems all but certain to be inducted into the Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible.