Now retired New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia isn't pitching in pinstripes, anymore, but it seems he may still be trying to help the Yankees out. The six-time All-Star and Cy Young winner supports the idea of All-Star free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole joining his former team. 

Sabathia went on his podcast, "R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED" to talk about Cole, who is still very up in the air when it comes to the team he will land on. 

One of the rumored teams that may sign the ALCS champion and 2019 AL Cy Young award contender has been the Yankees and Sabathia seems like he wants to see that happen.

Many have speculated Cole does not want to come to New York but Sabathia says he knows there is more to it than that. 

Sabathia said on the podcast:

"If you give that motherf---er enough money, he's going to want to come here... I'm speaking from experience. You offer him enough money he'll pitch on the moon."

There are other teams rumored to be in the Cole sweepstakes, including the Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers, due to his home connection with the state of California. 

Sabathia, who is also from California, was expected to move west when he was a free agent after the 2008 season, but ended up in pinstripes thanks to a seven-year, $161 million contract, and feels a connection with Cole's situation. 

When asked if he would speak to Cole about the process of going from the West Coast to a Yankees pitcher, Sabathia says it has already happened. 

"Me and Gerrit Cole have spoken at length many times about me pitching as a Yankee as a West Coast Guy," Sabathia said. "This is crazy, this is shaping out… like the same offseason I had."

An Astros return does not seem likely, especially after Cole made it clear that he was no longer with Houston saying, "I'm not employed by the Astros," just minutes after the team lost Game 7 of the World Series to the Washington Nationals. Wearing the hat of his agent he addressed the media and thinks his former team in what seemed like a goodbye to Houston.

The jury is still out on what jersey Cole will be wearing come next season, but the Yankees appear to have a great recruiter in Sabathia.