Last night, we served notice that actor Charlie Sheen -- famous in part for his portrayal as fictional Cleveland Indians pitcher Rick Vaughn in the film "Major League" -- was enjoying the Indians' recent World Series downturn. Why? Because Sheen hadn't been asked by the Indians to throw out a first pitch -- a statement that probably has a lot to do with his past legal woes.

Yet Sheen continues to fancy himself as a good luck charm for the Indians -- or, if you're being cynical, somewhat of a savior. Consider that on Wednesday morning, the morning of Game 7, he returned to Twitter to post this:

There you see Jobu, the Vaughn glasses, and other little "Major League" Easter eggs. It's a nice touch.

But still, don't expect to see Sheen -- or Vaughn ... or whoever Sheen wants to identify as these days -- trotting out to the Progressive Field mound on Wednesday evening. Major League Baseball has had a team legend throw out the ceremonial first pitch at every step this World Series, and it's tough to see them breaking that pattern for an actor looking for renewed relevance -- as fun as it might be to see it actually happen.