Charlie Sheen shares script details about a possible 'Major League 3' movie

Actor Charlie Sheen has been in the news lately, due in large part to the Cleveland Indians' run to the World Series and many fans' desire to see him throw out a first pitch as Rick Vaughn, the character he played in Major League.

Predictably, Sheen is making the most of his latest 15 minutes in the spotlight by talking about the long-rumored Major League 3. This go-around, Sheen shared some plot details with the Hollywood Reporter:

"You find the Vaughn character selling cars and his arm is so shot that if you buy a car from him, he'll play catch with your kid in the parking lot. And then there is an ex who shows up, who he had a tryst with a couple decades ago, and she has a twentysomething kid, who is now in the Cleveland organization, throwing about 102 mph. So, the story pretty much focuses on that. The kid does not like me. We do not like each other. It bookends our story, but it also passes the torch."

Alas Sheen notes that, though many of the original movie's stars are on board for a sequel, there hasn't been much movement from Morgan Creek Productions, which owns the rights.

As such, don't get your hopes up about Major League 3 -- not until Morgan Creek Productions decides it's time to capitalize on the original movie's newfound relevance, anyway.

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