The Cleveland Indians fell behind the Chicago Cubs early in Game 6 of the 2016 World Series.

Naturally, actor Charlie Sheen -- evidently smarting from not being asked to throw out a ceremonial first pitch despite his portrayal of fictional Indians pitcher Rick Vaughn in the film "Major League" -- chose this time to air his grievances with the team. Here's what Sheen tweeted:

Why Sheen thinks his presence would've changed or anything -- and why he chose to channel his inner Frank O'Hara to present that message is anyone's guess. It's a little clearer why MLB and the Indians steered away from having Sheen involved in the pregame ceremonies. Consider, you know, Sheen's

history of legal trouble

-- including multiple domestic violence incidents.

Nonetheless, expect Sheen to react in an even pettier way if the Indians' misfortune continues.