Chipper Jones and the power of Twitter

NEW YORK -- This is a baseball story, but it's also a Twitter story. And it's a travel story.

Most of all, it's a Chipper Jones story.

Jones was out of the Braves lineup Friday night against the Mets, because his back was sore and his neck was sore. He was sore, he said, because of the beds at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

"I don't have back problems anywhere else," Jones said.

Simple story, but of course it doesn't end there, because Jones took it to Twitter.

You have to understand that Jones has only been on Twitter for about three weeks. So he was a little surprised that when he tweeted complaints about his hotel room on Thursday afternoon (bed, air conditioning, television), he was a little surprised that the complaints immediately got noticed -- by the hotel.

Very quickly, Jones said, there was a knock on his door from a repairman wanting to fix the TV.


"I didn't let him in," Jones said. "After that [complaining] tweet went out, I wasn't letting anyone in my room."

Jones got a kick out of all this.

"Now I probably can't order room service, either," he said.

But the story of Jones and Twitter doesn't end there. His other tweet Thursday sent congratulations to Jamie Gray, who won a gold medal in shooting at the London Olympics.

"She's a big Braves fan," Jones said. "Hopefully I can get a rifle lesson."

Sure enough, before long Jones' followers had passed the congratulations on to Gray, using her Twitter handle (@Grayolympics). And sure enough, before long Gray took to Twitter to respond, saying, "2 things I always Olympic Gold Medal and to meet @RealCJ10. One down, one more to go..."

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