Clay Buchholz criticized for attending charity event

Clay Buchholz

The sports media in Boston have a certain reputation, and the reputation is that they make a fetish out of going negative. As with any reputation, it outstrips reality to an extent, but every now and then something happens to reveal why people believe what they believe.

So it is with the manufactured controversy surrounding Red Sox right-hander Clay Buchholz. Buchholz, you'll recall, is on the disabled list with a serious case of esophagitis. Buchholz has been forbidden to fly by his doctor, which explains why he didn't accompany his teammates on their trip to the West Coast. Buchholz's doctor did, however, clear him to attend a charity event benefitting the Greg Hill Foundation. So Buchholz's lent his star presence to the event and, quite responsibly, refrained from drinking alcohol.

However, as Craig Calcaterra over at Hardball Talk first pointed out, a certain Boston sports-radio something or other decided to characterize the charity fundraiser as "a vodka-sponsored pool party" at a casino with no other context provided. It's no leap to assume that this was done to gin up outrage against Buchholz for pulling another "chicken, beer and video games" stunt. The notion, though, is ridiculous on its face.

Then came along Eric Wilbur,'s silly little professional troll of longstanding. Wilbur one-finger-pecks (I welcome you not to click on his link):

Buchholz did not drink at the charity event, which also featured a golf outing hosted by WAAF’s Greg Hill, but his appearance still speaks volumes about the pitcher’s immaturity and lack of perception.

Wilbur went on to acknowledge doing things for charity is good (big of him), but Buchholz remains "an idiot" (not in the lovable 2004 sense of the word) for not being more keenly aware of how this would look to, well, people like Eric Wilbur.

To reiterate, Buchholz attended a charity event with his physician's approval, and he did not drink at this event. If some people see in this an evasion of duties to God and Team, then perhaps those people are rank imbeciles.

This, Boston media, is why you can't have nice things.

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