Clayton Kershaw's dominance, in one tweet

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Via the freshly minted InstaGraphs comes this One Weird TrickTM by Dodgers uber-ace Clayton Kershaw ... 

Crack Internet research reveals that the above claim to registers high on all available truth-o-meters. This season, Kershaw with the bat has yielded an on-base percentage of .237, while those hitters unfortunate enough to face Kershaw have combined for an OBP of .220. 

So when it comes to not making outs at the plate, major-league hitters this season, when facing Clayton Kershaw the pitcher, have been demonstrably worse than Clayton Kershaw the batter. In a related matter, Kershaw has allowed 11 runs in his last 90 innings of work.

Clayton Kershaw, you see, is good at his chosen craft.  

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