College Baseball: New Mexico State posts fourth-biggest blowout in NCAA history

On Friday, Mississippi Valley State and New Mexico State crossed baseball swords in Las Cruces, N.M., and things didn't go particularly well for the visitors. Cover thine eyes and, if you dare, observe the following final score through only parted fingers: 

Hills be shaken: The Aggies prevailed over the Delta Devils by the unthinkable tally of 39-0. As the tweet above says, that's the most runs scored in a game in WAC history. It's also the fourth-biggest blowout in NCAA baseball history (Nebraska's 50-3 win over Chicago State in 1999 is the record). Here's some late-inning scenes of the carnage: 

On the night, New Mexico State batted .556 at the plate and racked up twice as many extra-base hits (10) as Valley State had total hits. The Aggies put 11 runs on the board in the first inning, and DH Noah Haupt went 6 for 7 with 10 RBI. The Valley pitching lines tell a similar story: 


That's ... unfortunate. Still, all credit to Valley State for not packing it in and walking off the field. That had to be a miserable experience, but they persisted long enough to get 24 outs. 

These same two teams go at it again on Saturday and Sunday. Here's hoping things go better for the visitors over the weekend.

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