Comparing Bryce Harper's helmet throw in Nats-Giants brawl to 50 Cent's first pitch

As we continue to dissect the Nationals-Giants brawl, let's dive into the Bryce Harper helmet toss! The short version is that it wasn't good.

Well, now we know.

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 Have another look at the video footage and watch the helmet: 

For what it's worth, helmets aren't easy to throw, as they aren't exactly symmetrical. Plus, it's possible Harper was trying to just distract Hunter Strickland while preparing to throw a haymaker. 

Still, the immediate place the internet took us was the notorious first pitch from rapper 50 Cent a few years ago in Citi Field. 

And here they are side by side:

The 50 Cent pitch was clearly worse, right? He's throwing a baseball from a stationary position, not running at someone with his blood boiling and preparing for fisticuffs. Then again, Harper is the professional baseball player. 

So which was a worse "throw," Harper's helmet toss or 50 Cent's "pitch?" 

Argue away. 

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