Former MLB moundsman, Hall of Fame hopeful, and political gadfly Curt Schilling, it may not surprise you, has political aspirations. He said as much recently on his Facebook page. Have a look at the exchange in question ...


So, in unnecessary summary, Schilling tells his interlocutor that he'll first seek state office and then the White House after Donald Trump serves two terms. In the event that Hillary Clinton prevails, Schilling aims to run in 2020. To that end, there's already a "Draft Schilling for Congress" Facebook page. Schilling of course self-identifies as a conservative Republican and has been a frequent critic of Clinton.

Should Schilling's aspirations come to pass, then he'd become the most accomplished ballplayer to make it to the Oval Office. Presently the honor belongs to former Yale first baseman President George H.W. Bush.

Now, does any one have any thoughts on the upcoming election that they'd like to share in the comments section?