David Ortiz is appealing $5,000 fine for smashing Baltimore phones

Back on July 27, Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz did this:

A few days later, word came down the pipeline that Major League Baseball was not going to suspend him, but hadn't settled on other discipline. So that meant a fine was coming. And he was fined $5,000.

But now there's this:

Seriously, Big Papi?

I've been an Ortiz supporter on several occasions -- such as his Fenway Park f-bomb, which I loved -- but that dugout tirade was childish and unnecessary. He avoided suspension and was fined an unbelievably small amount.

Maybe not for many of us, but for Ortiz, $5,000 most certainly is amazingly small.

He's making $14 million this season. Let's divide that down to see just how small it is to him.

Take the 14 mil and divide it by 162. That means Ortiz makes $86,419.75 per game. Divide that by nine and we see that he makes roughly $9,602.19 per inning -- give or take extra innings, rain-shortened games. Let's also consider he doesn't even play the field.

So his fine -- for destroying property of the Baltimore Orioles in a childish tirade -- is almost half of one inning of one game. And he's appealing the decision?

That's amazing.

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