Red Sox legend David Ortiz recently spoke with the Boston Globe and in doing so made his first public comments about the June shooting in his native Dominican Republic that almost took his life. 

Ortiz, 43, was shot in the torso in what police now believe was a case of mistaken identity. Ortiz at the time of the shooting was at a lounge in the city of Santo Domingo. Ortiz subsequently underwent multiple surgeries and was hospitalized for months. Only recently did he make his first public appearance since the shooting, when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park on Monday

"I felt a burning sensation," Ortiz told Bob Hohler of the Globe of the moment he was shot. "I felt weird, like not myself, as I went down."

While hospitalized Ortiz was on a severely limited diet because of his injuries and had trouble taking in any calories whatsoever -- for a time he subsisted on Jello and ice chips and lost roughly 40 pounds from his frame.

"I had nightmares all the time about being in the desert, looking for water," Ortiz said. "I would wake up with my mouth dry and feeling like I'm going to die."

As for the still unknown shooter, who police say acting on a bounty from a local drug kingpin, Ortiz of course wants him brought to justice.

"I want to find out who did this," he said. "I'm not going to sit around and chill if there's somebody out there who wants to kill me."

Hohler's story has much more from Ortiz, including his humorous thoughts on the amount of the bounty and his plans for the postseason, so be sure to give it a full read