David Wright went 0-for-6 with four K's and it was worse than it sounds

Considering everything David Wright has been through and has to go through in order to suit up, it's safe to say he's having a good season. His OPS+ is almost identical to last season's mark, and he's just a few days removed from a two home-run game. That's good, because he might need a pick-me-up after a brutal Wednesday night effort against the Phillies: he went 0-for-6 with four strikeouts.

Believe it or not, Wright's line doesn't tell just how poorly he performed. To wit:

Wright received one more at-bat following that tweet, and made contact on his final swing. Still, how does a big-league hitter -- one as good as Wright -- whiff on 10 of his 12 swings?

The answer is by not having a beat on the opposition's offspeed pitches. Seven of Wright's 10 whiffs came on non-fastballs, including three on Jeremy Hellickson changeups -- the rest of the Mets, by the way, combined to swing and miss on three Hellickson changeups. Predictably, Wright took a lot of empty swings on pitches down or below the strike zone:

Wright couldn't lay off the soft stuff.
Wright couldn't lay off the soft stuff.(BrooksBaseball.com)

None of this is to mock Wright -- who, again, is having a good season amid difficult circumstances. It just goes to show that when it's not your night, it's really not your night.

It was that kind of night for David Wright.
It was that kind of night for David Wright.(Capture from MLB.com)

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