Deadspin's Hall of Fame ballot came from Dan Le Batard

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Not long ago in this space, we told you of Deadspin's very public efforts to purchase a Hall of Fame ballot from a BBWAA voter. The motivation, to hear Deadspin tell it, was a desire to "crowdsource" a ballot and then, in the "civil disobedience" portion of the exercise, to call attention to what's widely perceived as a flawed and cocooned election process. 

On Wednesday, not long after the Hall of Fame announcements, Deadspin had its own reveal. They trotted out a pretty sensible 10-name ballot, and then they disclosed that the donor of said ballot was Dan Le Batard, ESPN radio host and Miami Herald scribe. 

That link immediately above contains Le Batard's rationale for his turning over his ballot. Here's a sampling:

I'm not sure what kind of trouble this is going to bring me. I imagine I'll probably have my vote stripped. But I don't want to be a part of the present climate without reform anyway. Given that climate, doing THIS has more impact than my next 20 years of votes as sanctimony bars the HOF door on the steroid guys. Because, in a climate without reform, my next 20 years of votes will be counted but not actually heard. At least this gets it heard, for better or for worse.

And here, again courtesy of Deadspin, is that Ballot Heard 'Round the Internet:

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