Derek Jeter is reportedly doing the opposite of whatever Jeffrey Loria says to do

The Derek Jeter era is only just beginning for the Miami Marlins, yet give the man this much: he's more than willing to stamp out his own path.

The latest evidence of Jeter's independence comes courtesy of a Jon Heyman report at Fanrag Sports. Within Heyman notes that ex-Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria advised Jeter on which front-office staffers should be kept and which should be dismissed -- and that Jeter, as he is wont to do, has gone the opposite way:

Loria, according to sources, suggested that Jeter keep high-ranking baseball people Mike Berger, Jeff McAvoy, Marc Delpiano and Jim Benedict, and that he let go longtime scouting director Stan Meek. Jeter has already fired the four Loria suggested he keep, and word is that Jeter is likely keeping Meek, who would have been let go by Loria.

Heyman notes that Loria is said to be "confounded" by the personnel moves -- in part because of how poorly the Marlins have drafted in recent seasons.

Of course, Jeter probably isn't intentionally doing the inverse of what Loria suggested. He's simply acting with different thoughts, evaluations, and emotions -- remember, he doesn't have any past baggage that comes with a failed top pick. As such, it's not surprising that Jeter isn't following Loria's advice bit for bit -- even if, in a sense, it's a little funny.

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