Derek Jeter says A-Rod not a distraction

Pictured above, Derek Jeter of the Yankees, quite possibly distracted by A-Rod. (USATSI)
Pictured above, Derek Jeter of the Yankees, quite possibly distracted by A-Rod. (USATSI)

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This week's coverage of Alex Rodriguez's tweet -- a thoroughly benign remark about his readiness to play -- has come to resemble performance art of unknown origins. Somehow, he's again the bad guy because he has the gall to be nearing a possible return and because the Daily News saw within the Rorschach a conspiracy of unspeakable malice. I don't even know anymore.

What I do know is that it was inevitable that a prominent Yankee would be asked whether A-Rod, in his dominating absence, was somehow a distraction. That prominent Yankee turned out to be Derek Jeter, who was in Florida working out with A-Rod and his pitch-black soul and heart. His response, courtesy of

"Why would he be a distraction? You guys [in the media] may be a distraction to him if you ask him questions, but I've never seen how someone can be a distraction to a team, you know what I mean? Because we don't have to deal with it.

"As far as [reporters] being a distraction to him, I'm sure he probably gets tired of answering questions. There's no way he can be a distraction to us."

So Jeter says A-Rod is not any sort of distraction to the clubhouse eight or nine states away from their current location. Note, though, that Jeter did not go out of his way to state that A-Rod is something less than the quintessence of human evil! And therein lies the Post's likely angle for Friday's back page.

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