Derek Jeter weighs in on whether Bonds and Clemens should be in the Hall of Fame

During Derek Jeter's career, he was often portrayed as the model of playing the right way. That meant, in part, producing without using performance-enhancing drugs.

Yet Jeter, now part-owner of the Miami Marlins, doesn't seem interested in keeping known and suspected steroids users out of the Hall of Fame.

In an interview with CBS News anchor Jeff Glor, which appeared on "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday, Jeter appeared more forgiving than not about the topic:

JEFF GLOR:  So-- (CLEARS THROAT) Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, those whose names have been associated with PEDs. Should they be in the Hall of Fame?

DEREK JETER: Well, I think that's-- that's-- it's a tough question, right? It's-- it's-- you know, a question for if someone is accused, or someone has proven to do, right? // And-- you know, some opinions change over time, some people are bullish on their opinions. It's tough.

JEFF GLOR: You're dancing around this.

DEREK JETER: Well, yeah, I am, you know why? Because, you know, I've played with players, you know, you-- you play with guys that you built relationships with over time, and-- and you get close to 'em, and you develop a bond, and people make mistakes. Not sayin' you can condone those mistakes. People do make mistakes, but yeah, you're right, I mean, it-- it is a tough question. And-- and-- you know, I don't make those decisions.

Due to Jeter's wealth and reputation, he can easily come across as inaccessible or unrelatable. Here, however, he comes across as a baseball fan who isn't quite sure how to assess the Steroid Era stars and the appropriate way to judge them for their sins.

Consider that a pleasant surprise -- and perhaps further evidence that Clemens and Bonds will eventually make their way to Cooperstown. 

CBS Sports Staff

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