Watch Now: Takeaways from Yankees-Red Sox Series (1:07)

The Miami Marlins are hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates for a three-game set this weekend, thus concluding a week-long homestand. Come Monday, the Marlins will be on the road for a while -- all the way until late April, believe it or not.

Alas, the length of the Marlins' road trip isn't the story everyone will be focused on in the coming days. Rather, the spotlight belongs to the Marlins' series against the New York Yankees. The two sides will meet for two games beginning on Monday. It'll be the first time in Giancarlo Stanton's career he plays against the Marlins. It will not, however, mark the first time Derek Jeter takes in a series at Yankee Stadium as minority owner of the opposing team.

On Friday, Jeter confirmed that he won't be attending the series -- citing the potential for awkwardness:

Of course, Jeter's attendance is only an issue because it's Jeter -- how often do minority owners come out and confirm they will or will not attend a road series? 

Still, Jeter's decision is understandable and probably for the best for him, lest he face a million more questions about Stanton and the trades that defined his first offseason as an executive.