MLB's sign-stealing scandal got more interesting Wednesday when a months-old video of now former Red Sox manager Alex Cora left people with a few more questions. The video shows Cora in London after losing to the New York Yankees, commenting on some things about Carlos Beltran -- hired this offseason as manager of the New York Mets -- that, in light of recent events, look a bit suspicious. 

Cora was at the podium and said, "I was joking with somebody that their biggest free agent acquisition is Carlos Beltran. I know how he works you know. He's helping a lot, you know. They're paying attention to details ... and I'm not saying devices all that stuff."

Cora winked while mentioning Beltran, who was not a player but a special assistant for New York, and was not prompted to mention anything about devices, but did so anyway.

David Samson sat down on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to break down this new layer of the story and give his opinion about what the video means. 

"One of the great things about the web, the internet, whatever you say lasts forever ... you better be careful," Samson warned.

Cora, out as Red Sox manager after a mutual parting of ways in the wake of MLB's investigation into the Astros' sign-stealing in 2017, was likely exhausted and not knowing what day it was at the time, and might have accidentally given away too much information with his word choices and body language.

Samson goes back to that wink that has the internet creating theories and poses a few questions. 

"He literally winked when he mentioned Carlos Beltran. Do you think it's possible he knew back then what Carlos Beltran and he did for the Astros? Do you think he knew Carlos Beltran was doing the exact same thing for the Yankees? Of course he knew and of course he was," Samson said, very matter of fact.

The podcast host wondered what will come from all this and said it could lead to players who are no longer affiliated with teams coming out and saying, "Yes, we did it."

MLB has come out saying it will not be punishing Beltran, since he was a player during the time period being looked at by the investigation.

"MLB has to put a stop to it and they started now by saying, 'No, there is no other team,'" Samson said.

No matter what happens, people will not be satisfied until they get an answer outside of a blanket statement saying the investigation is complete and no team outside Boston and Houston guilty of this wrongdoing. 

Samson said, "Way more to come on this story."