Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw calls Rockies pitcher 'disrespectful' for delaying game

By all accounts, Clayton Kershaw is a sweet, likable individual. He's never involved in squabbles or dust-ups or anything else that constitutes baseball players behaving improperly. So when Kershaw does express frustration toward an opponent -- as he did on Wednesday -- we tend to take note.

Here's what Kershaw said about Colorado Rockies pitcher Tyler Anderson, who caused Wednesday's game to be delayed by roughly a minute while he walked in from the bullpen, according to

"That was one of the more disrespectful things I've been a part of in a game. I really didn't appreciate that. The game starts at 7:10, it started at 7:10 here for a long time. Just go around or finish earlier. That wasn't appreciated, for sure. Not going to say any more, I'll get in trouble."

Lest you think Kershaw was annoyed only after the fact, take a look at his body language during the delay:

Kershaw got off to a rough start, loading the bases to begin the game. But ended with the win as he struck out 10 batters and allowed two runs over seven innings. Kershaw is now 3-1 on the season.   

Anderson, for his part, blamed the delay on throwing a few more warm-up pitches, and said no disrespect was intended.

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