Dodgers keep spending with winning bid on Ryu; assume they're not done

With the Dodgers winning the bidding for Korean lefthander Hyun-Jin Ryu, the lesson is not to count them out of anything.

The Dodgers won the right to negotiate for $25,737,737, as was reported on, a subtantial sum for a pitcher some aren't sure is a starter. (The Dodgers, and others, disagree.)

Sources say at least one other team was in "the $20 million range'' so their bid isn't completely out of line, assuming Ryu is the starter they hope. The Cubs and Rangers also were very interested, with word coming that at least the Cubs "bid aggressively.''

Ryu is a stocky lefthander -- he's listed as 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds -- with a nice touch. He's also a plus for the Dodgers, with Los Angeles' huge Korean population. But for this money, they have to have faith he'll fit into their rotation.

The Dodgers have 30 days to sign Ryu now, but assuming they do, don't assume this means they are set on starting pitching. Ted Lilly was hurt in the second half, and Chad Billinsgley had a late injury, as well.

No matter, the new Dodgers are in a mode to spend to win.

They are like the Yankees, the old Yankees, who had money and spent it.

The Dodgers have interest in Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, Hiroki Kuroda and Kyle Lohse, and figure they'll make sure to get one of them, too. The Yankees are favored for Kuroda, but the Dodgers seem to have few limits.

The Dodgers spent an unheard-of $260 million in August betyween Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto. But assume there's more where that came from.

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