Dodgers-Padres benches clear after Greinke hits Quentin with pitch

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In the bottom of the sixth inning on Thursday night, a brawl erupted between the Padres and Dodgers after Zack Greinke hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch. has the full video, which includes some glorious commentary from the great Vin Scully. Here you go:

Two items of note for which one can draw his own conclusion:

1. Earlier in the game, Padres starter Jason Marquis threw one up and in on Dodgers star Matt Kemp.

2. Greinke's pitch that hit Quentin came on a 3-2 count in a 2-1 game.

My conclusion is that there was no way that Greinke hit Quentin intentionally, nor do I think Marquis' pitch earlier had any ill intent.

I now see people on Twitter saying there's history between Greinke and Quentin. Uh, that was the 116th time in Quentin's career he has been hit by a pitch. He led the majors in HBP each of the last two seasons. He has history with lots of people. Oh, and Greinke had hit him twice before Thursday night. It's not exactly like Greinke constantly hunts down Quentin.

Anyway, the star of the brawl was clearly Kemp. He was irate and had to be restrained by several people, including mostly Josh Beckett toward the end. His screaming "Don't touch me!" over and over to Padres manager Bud Black was front and center as well.

Kemp and Quentin were ejected. Greinke appeared to leave due to injury. Jerry Hairston was also ejected due to restarting things after they had settled down.

UPDATE: Yes, Greinke was injured. A broken collarbone.

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