Josh Reddick's short stint with the Dodgers has not gone according to plan so far. He's hitting .152 in 17 games since coming over from the Athletics at the trade deadline, and he had to be scratched from Monday's lineup with a jammed finger.

How did Reddick jam his finger, you ask? Apparently he got it caught in the door while ordering room service on Sunday.

Well that's embarrassing. There are countless ways for a player to jam his finger in baseball. "I jammed it sliding into a base" or "it happened when I hit the outfield wall" would have been acceptable reasons and no one would have thought twice about it. But nope. Reddick when with brutal honesty. That's never a bad move.

Josh Reddick managed to injury his finger ordering room service. USATSI

For what it's worth, Reddick seems to have been hitting into extremely poor luck during his time with the Dodgers. His at-bats have been good, and his above-average 33.3 percent hard contact rate has resulted in a far below-average .185 batting average on balls in play. It'll turn around for him soon.