Dodgers still trying to do big things; Victorino, Pence, Dempster, Soriano on radar

The Dodgers turned out to be the mystery team to acquire reliever Brandon League late Monday, but they were thought to still be dealing as the deadline approached.

The Dodgers have been in talks with the Cubs about pitcher Ryan Dempster and outfielder Alfonso Soriano and also with the Phillies about outfielders Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence and were thought likely to swing deals for one or two more big players. It's possible, with the addition of League, they might be able to trade a reliever as part of a bigger package.

Dodgers people were tight-lipped late Monday night, but they've been talking for weeks to the Cubs about Dempster, who rejected a trade to the Braves and is believed only willing to approve a trade to the Dodgers. Talks with the Cubs expanded to include Soriano at one point, though one person said nothing was close late Monday between the Dodgers and Cubs.

The Dodgers also were talking to the Phillies about Victorino and Pence. It isn't known how close a deal might have been there.

The Dodgers already upgraded their offense with their big trade for Hanley Ramirez, but have been looking for at least one more hitter for either the outfield, first base or third base.

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