Evan Longoria is latest MLB player to speak out against this year's slow free-agent market

The rumblings of a potential major labor fight seem to be growing by the day. We're less than a month from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training, and we've still got plenty of big free agent names left on the board (including Bryce Harper and Manny Machado). 

San Francisco Giants third baseman Evan Longoria took to Instagram on Friday to lament the current state of free agency. The 33 year old (who will be a free agent himself in 2022) said it's "such a shame" that so many top players are still available.

His photo highlighted Harper, Machado, Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel. Here's Longoria's caption:

"We are less then a month from the start of spring and once again some of our games biggest starts remain unsigned. Such a shame. It's seems every day now someone is making up a new analytical tool to devalue players, especially free agents. As fans, why should "value" for your team even be a consideration? It's not your money, it's money that players have worked their whole lives to get to that level and be deserving of. Bottom line, fans should want the best players and product on the field for their team. And as players we need to stand strong for what we believe we are worth and continue to fight for the rights we have fought for time and time again."

Longoria isn't the only player to speak out lately. He joins the growing chorus of players who are frustrated with the state of the free-agent market this winter:

  • Keuchel -- who was featured in Longoria's post -- said that a players' past accomplishments don't mean anything anymore.

Players publicly expressing their frustrations over MLB's spending (or lack thereof) the past two winters seems to be a signal that baseball is heading towards its next big labor fight, when the Collective Bargaining Agreement runs out in 2021.

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