Eye on 2013 Awards: How we'd vote for Rookie of the Year

Who are EOB's Rookie of the Year winners?
Who are EOB's Rookie of the Year winners? (USATSI)

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The Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) is set to reveal the winners of the traditional Major League Baseball awards this coming week, starting today with the AL/NL Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year. Each of the awards will have a live hour-long show on MLB Network, beginning at 6 p.m. ET.

On the morning prior to the announcement of each award, your three generally handsome, mostly inane Eye on Baseball bloggers will present their individual ballots. The Rookie of the Year ballot only has three spots, but some of the other awards have more. Here is how the three of us would vote for the AL and NL Rookies of the Year.


Matt Snyder

  1. Wil Myers, Rays
  2. Jose Iglesias, Tigers
  3. Chris Archer, Rays

Iglesias gets the nod over Archer because he impacted two playoff teams in a positive way during the same season, but Myers’ offensive impact on the Rays lineup in their playoff push was greater, posting a 132 OPS+.

Dayn Perry

  1. Myers
  2. Iglesias
  3. Archer

There’s no obvious answer in a weak year for AL rookies. Myers gets the nod thanks to his rate-based production across 88 games with the Rays. Iglesias pulls in second thanks to his (narrowly) above-average bat to go with more than 500 innings of plus defense at shortstop.  

Mike Axisa

  1. Myers
  2. Iglesias
  3. Archer

Same ballot as Matt and Dayn, which has more to do with the poor AL rookie crop than our like-mindedness. I'm an offense-first guy, which is why I prefer Myers' big bat over Iglesias excellent defense even though they had an essentially identical WAR. Archer is a distant third for me.



  1. Jose Fernandez, Marlins
  2. Yasiel Puig, Dodgers
  3. Hyun-Jin Ryu, Dodgers

Due to playing for the laughingstock of the National League, Fernandez was actually far underappreciated this season. The season he had at his age was incredible and overall better than Puig’s, in my opinion. Ryu isn’t a finalist here probably due to most West Coast voters giving Yasiel Puig more love, but he overall had a better season than Shelby Miller by most standards.


  1. Fernandez
  2. Puig
  3. Ryu

I’ve previously written that Fernandez’s rookie season was historically great, as rookie pitching seasons go, so he’s my choice here. A 176 ERA+ in a qualifying number of innings and in front of a lacking defense? Puig was outstanding, but for me Fernandez was on another level. Like Matt, I’m going with Ryu over the actual finalist Shelby Miller. Ryu threw more innings, had slightly better underlying numbers, prevented unearned runs at a better rate and out-did Miller at the plate.


  1. Fernandez
  2. Puig
  3. Shelby Miller, Cardinals

Fernandez is the runaway winner. My ballot is more like Fernandez (huge gap) Puig (small gap) Miller (small gap) Ryu (small gap) Julio Teheran (small gap). The Marlins right-hander had a historic rookie season and we should be focusing more on his place in the Cy Young race than Rookie of the Year. As for the third spot, the short version is that Miller and Ryu had an identical WAR, but Miller did it in 18 2/3 fewer innings. He was the more effective pitcher on a rate basis.

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