Eye On Baseball Virtual GM Draft: Rounds 16-25

Did Yasiel Puig just hear his name called in the EOB Virtual GM Draft? (USATSI)
Did Yasiel Puig just hear his name called in the EOB Virtual GM Draft? (USATSI)

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As noted in this space, we four CBSSports.com baseball writers -- Jon Heyman, Matt Snyder, Michael Axisa and lowliest I -- are in the final stages of a "virtual GM" draft. By way of reminder, here are some specifics about what we're doing ...

First and foremost is the fact that we were only drafting four total teams. Obviously, our teams will be pretty star-laden and comparing any of the four to a real team would be folly.

Secondly, we ignored salaries. This was simply an in-a-vacuum, what player would you rather have scenario in building our respective 25-man rosters.

As far as age concerns, we decided to draft as if we were putting together our teams for the 2014 season and only the 2014 season. Thus, we aren't worried about long-term viability of the roster; only the 2014 performance. Considering that, we also have to keep injuries in mind. Matt Harvey, for example, would be taken if healthy and instead he'll be left undrafted. Manny Machado, for example, will be taken far later than he normally would have due to concerns to begin the season. We do need to mention, though, that we drafted last week -- before hearing about issues for Cole Hamels and Hisashi Iwakuma, for example.

Given that our rosters are blank, we drafted in "snake" format (1-4, 4-1, 1-4, etc.) and random drawing gave Heyman the first pick, followed by Axisa, myself and Perry, respectively.

Let's emphasize a key point here: This is not a fantasy draft. We've been drafting these teams -- from scratch -- as though they're going to take the field and play each other over a full season of actual baseball. So, among other distinctions, defense matters to us. Now let's repeat another key takeaway, as well: We're drafting with 2014 and 2014 only in mind. That is, how a player figures to fare in 2015 or 2020 isn't of interest to us.

By way of reminder, here are rounds 1-5 and rounds 6-15. Now let's finalize our 25-man rosters ... 

Round 16

Perry - Dexter Fowler
Snyder - Jose Reyes
Axisa - Glen Perkins
Heyman - Yasiel Puig


Round 17

Heyman - Manny Machado
Axisa - Alex Gordon
Snyder - Ian Desmond
Perry - Justin Upton

Now we're largely at the "fill out our bench" stage of the draft. 

Round 18

Perry - Jhonny Peralta
Snyder - Carlos Santana
Axisa - Jurickson Profar
Heyman - Prince Fielder

Santana is "catcher-eligible" in this league even though a move to third base is possible. 

Round 19

Heyman - Rex Brothers
Axisa - Jose Bautista
Snyder - Albert Pujols
Perry - Jason Castro

Yes, these rosters are so deep that Jose Bautista is a reserve. Meanwhile, Snyder's hoping for a bit of a rebound from Albert Pujols, whose foot may finally be healthy for the first time in years. 

Round 20

Perry - Allen Craig
Snyder - Salvador Perez
Axisa - Jonathan Lucroy
Heyman - Matt Wieters

Three back-up catchers go in round 20. 

Round 21

Heyman - Michael Wacha
Axisa - Billy Hamilton
Snyder - Sergio Romo
Perry - Mark Melancon

Hamilton will fill the Herb Washington/designated runner role for Axisa's team. 

Round 22

Perry - Kelvin Herrera
Snyder - Sean Doolittle
Axisa - Tyler Clippard
Heyman - Tony Cingrani

Relievers abound!

Round 23

Heyman - Edwin Encarnacion
Axisa - Jake McGee
Snyder - Drew Smyly
Perry - Kevin Siegrist

Not bad to have a slugger like Encarnacion lurking on the pine. 

Round 24

Perry - Carlos Martinez
Snyder - Tim Lincecum
Axisa - Brett Anderson
Heyman - Steve Cishek

Snyder intends to use Lincecum as a high-workload reliever, which is the role Lincecum filled for much of the 2012 postseason.  

Round 25

Heyman - Xander Bogaerts
Axisa - Ryan Cook
Snyder - Grant Balfour
Perry - Shelby Miller

Heyman, by drafting Bogaerts, opts to go with the deeper bench but more shallow bullpen. 

And with that, the draft is done. Here's a look at our final rosters ... 

Virtual GM rosters
Position Heyman Axisa Snyder Perry
C Y. Molina (3rd rd.) B. McCann (10) C. Santana (18) B. Posey (2)
1B P. Fielder (18) J. Mauer (8) P. Goldschmidt (2) J. Votto (3)
2B R. Cano (2) M. Carpenter (3) D. Pedroia (3) J. Kipnis (13)
SS H. Ramirez (5) T. Tulowitzki (2) J. Reyes (16) A. Simmons (10)
3B A. Beltre (4) E. Longoria (5) J. Donaldson (12) D. Wright (5)
LF M. Trout (1) A. Gordon (17) R. Braun (8) M. Holliday (15)
CF A. Jones (8) A. McCutchen (1) J. Ellsbury (7) D. Fowler (16)
RF G. Stanton (9) B. Zobrist (9) B. Harper (5) C. Gonzalez (9)
DH S. Choo (15) D. Ortiz (12) C. Davis (4) M. Cabrera (1)
Bench Y. Puig (16) J. Profar (18) C. Gomez (15) J. Upton (17)
Bench M. Machado (17) J. Bautista (19) I. Desmond (17) J. Peralta (18)
Bench M. Wieters (20) J. Lucroy (20) A. Pujols (19) J. Castro (19)
Bench E. Encarnacion (23) B. Hamilton (21) S. Perez (20) A. Craig (20)
Bench X. Bogaerts (25) - - -
SP 1 M. Scherzer (6) C. Lee (4) C. Kershaw (1) Y. Darvish (4)
SP 2 J. Fernandez (7) C. Sale (6) F. Hernandez (6) S. Strasburg (6)
SP 3 J. Weaver (10) A. Wainwright (7) C. Hamels (9) D. Price (7)
SP 4 J. Lester (11) D. Fister (11) J. Shields (10) J. Verlander (8)
SP 5 M. Tanaka (12) M. Bumgarner (14) A. Sanchez (11) Z. Greinke (14)
Closer K. Uehara (13) G. Holland (13) K. Jansen (13) C. Kimbrel (11)
RP T. Rosenthal (14) D. Robertson (15) J. Nathan (14) A. Chapman (12)
RP R. Brothers (19) G. Perkins (16) S. Romo (21) M. Melancon (21)
RP M. Wacha (21) T. Clippard (22) S. Doolittle (22) K. Herrera (22)
RP T. Cingrani (22) J. McGee (23) D. Smyly (23) K. Siegrist (23)
RP S. Cishek (24) B. Anderson (24) T. Lincecum (24) C. Martinez (24)
RP - R. Cook (25) G. Balfour (25) S. Miller (25)

So who looks the best on paper as we head into the 2014 season? 

On Thursday, we'll each post our lineups and talk about our draft strategies. 

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