Eye on Photos: Fans are ready for World Series Game 1

SAN FRANCISCO -- Roughly two hours before first pitch of Game 1, the scene outside AT&T Park can be described as both "frenzied" and "decidedly Bay Area in both spirit and bearing" (the latter is absolutely a compliment." Some real, live flash photography from the scene (all such photos provided by CBSSports.com) ...


This is Brian flanked by Danielle on the left and Gail on the right. Brian's choice in garb for Game 1 is utterly unassailable. It is also the color of hell-bent citrus, which, again, is a compliment.

Brian predicted a final score of 10-0 in favor of the Giants. Danielle and Gail concurred. 

In my adventures among the people, I encountered exactly one visibly identifiable Tigers fan. This is Ted, Ann Arbor native and Bay Area resident. Is Ted worried about forthcoming heckles? "Nah. This is a wine-sipping crowd."

Please also note ubiquitous Sysco truck. 

The page viewer will recognize that baseball is not the only leisure sporting activity taking place at Willie Mays Plaza tonight. 

I christen him "Enthusiastic Jump-Suiting Gentleman." As you can see, he claims to be an advocate of Tim Lincecum's moderated use of wholesome, nutritious herbal products -- products widely available in the 1990s via hastily scrawled pager number. 

The sign of a spirited fan base is not a box-office line that wraps around the corner. In point of fact, the sign of a spirited fan base is a corner-wrapping line that leads to the "packed to the brink of fire-code allowances" official team store, where piping-hot merchandise is for sale. To be fair, though, it's possible that the poor souls at the back of this queue thought they were about to buy tickets. 

This is Griff the Sidewalk Tarot-Card Reader. Griff is going to consult the tarot and tell me the final score of Game 1 ... 

By virtue of the "21" on the card, which I am told is not a common tarot figure, the Giants will win Game 1 of the 2012 World Series by a score of 2-1. There's also something in the card that tells Griff it will be a comeback victory for the home squad.

This is Griff being told to move along.

And that makes it a good time to, you know, play ball.  

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