Here's how wild 2017 is: the Chicago Cubs are partaking in a postseason series, yet their fans aren't the ones resorting to paranormal means to end a lengthy championship drought. Rather, the occultic endeavors belong to the other team's fans -- in this case, the Washington Nationals.

Washington hasn't won a World Series since 1924. They weren't the Nationals then, they were the Senators. That squad was led by youthful player-manager Bucky Harris and included Walter Johnson, Goose Goslin, and Firpo Marberry. The Senators later moved away, and the Nationals  eventually moved in. Through it all, the one constant is that Washington hasn't hoisted a title in a long time.

The Nationals could end that drought this year. If they do, it probably won't be because fans performed an exorcism and walked through Nationals Park burning sage in order to rid the place of restless spirits. Nonetheless, a few fans aren't taking any chances:

You have to respect the hustle. We'll soon see if their energy cleansing efforts pay off. If so, who knows. Maybe Dusty Baker will start talking up the importance of chakras and the seven spiritual laws.

The Nationals and Cubs are to begin the NLDS around 7:30 p.m. ET on Friday night (GameTracker).