Felix Hernandez couldn't help but laugh at Adrian Beltre after an embarrassing swing and miss

Felix Hernandez and Adrian Beltre have had one of the more entertaining and humorous rivalries in baseball over the years, and that rivalry got another chapter on Tuesday night in Texas. 

Hernandez was on the mound for the Mariners and managed to get Beltre to strike out swinging in the second inning. "Swinging" is pretty generous considering how foolish Beltre looked waving at Hernandez's 78-mph breaking ball. 

The strikeout was so ugly that Beltre had to acknowledge how bad he looked, while Hernandez could barely keep himself together in the aftermath of his own destruction.

Hernandez and Beltre have had something of a personal rivalry for years now, though it's more friendly than anything else. It appears that they genuinely enjoy messing with one another (although who doesn't enjoy messing with Beltre?), and it has resulted in plenty of unadulterated joy for fans watching them go at it.

Beltre probably isn't thrilled that he came away on the short end of this latest installment of that rivalry, but at least he was able to laugh at himself.

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