#FerrellTakesTheField Blog: Will Ferrell's Spring Training Tour

Actor Will Ferrell of played 10 positions -- the nine defensive positons plus DH -- with 10 different MLB teams in five spring training games across Arizona. It's not just a publicity stunt, it's for a good cause. Nick Eaton of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has the details:

The stunt — if you want to call it that — is part of Ferrell’s new project with Funny Or Die, HBO and the MLB to honor baseball legend Bert “Campy” Campaneris and raise funds for organizations fighting cancer. Campaneris, who famously played all nine positions for the Kansas City Athletics on Sept. 8, 1965, will join Ferrell on his Thursday spring training tour.

Cactus League ballparks are relatively close together, but Phoenix traffic can be nuts, so Ferrell will shuttle between ballparks in a helicopter. Here is his schedule he kept:

3:05pm ET: Mariners at Athletics
4:10pm ET: Cubs at Angels
5:10pm ET: Reds at Diamondbacks
7:05pm ET: Giants at White Sox
9:15pm ET: Dodgers at Padres

>> 11:50 

It's over. Farrell's Cactus League odyssey is over. Five games. Ten teams. Ten positions. One foul tip. One pitch. $1 million. Thanks for following!

>> 11:38pm

Ferrell is playing right field for the San Diego Padres. He did a good job watching the Joc Pederson home run fly over his head.

>> 11:25pm

>> 11:16pm 

Ferrell retires the only batter he'll face on a bunt back to the mound. Mattingly calls for the bullpen again.

>> 11:09pm

>> 11:07pm

>> 10:36pm

>> 10:17pm

Giants manager Bruce Bochy brings Ferrell off the field. Ferrell will be off to the Dodgers-Padres game in Peoria, where he still has to pitch (and perhaps umpire, manage, etc).

>> 10:15 pm 

Ferrell moves in behind the plate and an intentional walk of Joey DeMichele is called. 

>> 10:10pm

Ferrell strikes out against Jean Machi, but he fouled off a pitch in perhaps the most amazing moment of his odyssey. He heads over to the White Sox dugout but turns around because it's the ninth inning, and he has to change into a Giants jersey and catcher's gear in order to complete his stated goal of playing 10 positions.

>> 9:50pm: Ferrell has made it to Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Ariz. in time to play for the White Sox and Giants. Helicopter ride took 37 minutes — perhaps that was a bad choice.

>> 9:44pm:

Helicopter's here.

— Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs) March 13, 2015

>> 9:33pm:

RT @hankschulman Nevermind. We’re looking at the game through tinted windows. Didn’t know that. #doh. #SFGiants pic.twitter.com/larep2Gjw3

— Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs) March 13, 2015

>> 9:25pm: 

Meanwhile it's getting dark and these lights are terrible in Glendale. Blue Bayou style mood lighting, basically. Potentially dangerous.

— Andrew Baggarly (@extrabaggs) March 13, 2015

>> 9:12 pm:

Loud noises! #FerrellTakesTheField pic.twitter.com/rokZKMcWHg

— Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) March 13, 2015

>> 9:11pm

He's comin' for us. #FerrellTakesTheField pic.twitter.com/dftHVC3ekU

— Chicago White Sox (@whitesox) March 13, 2015

>> 8:26pm

Get to the choppah! #FerrellTakesTheField pic.twitter.com/p4jDO87tp9

— FOX Sports Arizona (@FOXSPORTSAZ) March 13, 2015

>> 7:30pm: As he walks off the field, Will Ferrell pauses to thank his favorite #Dbacks section. #FerrellTakesTheField pic.twitter.com/ugy10hlzd5

— Arizona Diamondbacks (@Dbacks) March 12, 2015

>> 7:15pm Right-hander Zach Stewart, who earlier struck out Ferrell on three pitches, gives this scouting report:

>> 7:10pm

Ferrell runs down a ball hit into the gap like he's Jonny Gomes and fires it back in. Ivan DeJesus gets a triple, partly because Ferrell was shaded almost literally on the left-field line and had to run about 50 yards. Three balls have been hit his way this inning. It's an old baseball axiom: The ball will find you.

>> 7:05pm

Ferrell arrives at Salt River Fields to play for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

>> 6:05pm:

Cubs manager Joe Maddon replaces Ferrell on defense with Mike Olt after one batter, and Ferrell slams his glove on the field in mock (?) disgust. It's reminiscent of the infamous Ted Lilly glove slam in the 2007 playoffs against the Diamondbacks. Ferrell's between games now. He's heading over to Salt River Fields to play for Arizona.

Stay tuned for what wackiness is next.

>> 6:00pm: 

Ferrell is introduced as a defensive replacement for the Chicago Cubs and our own Matt Snyder is there to record the moment:

>> 5:45pm: 

Ferrell at the Bat. Strikes out, just like the Mighty Casey:

Zach Stewart is, like, "Phew."

>> 5:45pm

Angels set up Ferrell to fail by using the Notorious Defensive Shift: 

>> 5:30pm:

Ferrell assumes his duties as Cubs third-base coach

>> 5:20pm:

A ball was finally hit to Ferrell! He had to field Welington Castillo's single to center field. Here's the play:

Clean scoop, hit the cutoff man ... textbook.

>> 5:03pm:

MLB.com has some video of Ferrell's day:

>> 4:57pm:

Ferrell has arrived in Tempe and is in uniform with the Angels. Sounds like he will be replacing Mike Trout in center field.

>> 4:46pm:

How big of a deal is Ferrell's tour of spring training? His cleats are going to the Hall of Fame!

>> 4:21pm:

Speaking of Ferrell and the Cubs ...

>> 4:17pm:

Now that his work with the A's and Mariners is complete, Ferrell is currently en route to the Cubs-Angels game, which has already begun. You can watch it live on MLB Network. He'll be manning first base for the Cubbies.

>> 3:35pm:

Turns out Ferrell's stint behind the plate with the Giants won't be all that dangerous:

Lame! But, understandable, I guess.

>> 3:34pm:

After his half-inning with the A's, Ferrell walked over to the other side of the field to suit up with the Mariners.

Of course Billy Beane traded him already!

>> 3:16pm:

The first half inning of Ferrell's first game is complete.

>> 3:12pm:

Here is Ferrell taking the field with the Athletics:

And here is manning shortstop:

>> 2:41pm:

Here is the custom bat Ferrell will be using today:

>> 2:31pm:

Ferrell is in the A's starting lineup, batting fifth. Fifth!

>> 2:00pm:

Does Will Ferrell at least vaguely resemble former major-league reliever Don Stanhouse? 

Yes, Will Ferrell at least vaguely resembles former major-league reliever Don Stanhouse.

>> 1:54: 

Not bad, not bad ... 

>> 1:31pm: 

Here's the man of the hour taking some hacks in the cage ... 

>> 1:25pm: 

Bob Melvin has some advice for his new charge ... 

>> 1:18pm:

Ferrell's locker is set up in the Angels' clubhouse:

>> 1:01pm:

Here comes Mike Olt to rain on the parade:

Mike Olt: the guy no one wants to talk to at parties.

>> 12:34pm:

This live blog needs more cowbell.

>> 12:26pm:

Ferrell is already in Athletics camp and is stretching with the team:

He is also listed on the D-Backs' lineup card:

>> 12:21pm:

In case you're wondering, this will not be Ferrell's first time playing in a professional baseball game. Five years ago he suited up as "Rojo Johnson" and pitched for the Round Rock Express, which was the Astros Triple-A affiliate at the time. Ferrell/Johnson was ejected after throwing behind a batter:

"Mentally, I feel like I have the strength of 10 men, after that," said Ferrell/Johnson to MLB.com after the game. "Nashville showed a lot of stuff tonight. They've got a lot of moxie."

Will Ferrell will suit up for 10 MLB teams on Thursday.
Will Ferrell will suit up for 10 MLB teams on Thursday. (USATSI)
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