The Detroit Tigers are one of a few teams seeking a new manager. However, if reports are to be believed, then their next skipper might be a familiar face.

That's because former Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins headman Fredi Gonzalez is the favorite for the job, according to Fanrag Sports' John Perrotto. Here's what Perrotto said:

Fredi Gonzalez is considered the favorite to become the Detroit Tigers' next manager.

Gonzalez has ties to Tigers general manager Al Avila going all way back to 1992 when Gonzalez managed then-Miami Marlins' short-season Class A Erie farm club and Avila was the expansion franchise's assistant direction of Latin American operations.

Despite a career .506 winning percentage, Gonzalez has never been viewed as a favorable tactician. In fact, his best teams (the 2011-13 Braves) were often viewed as succeeding in spite of their manager rather than because of him. Still, Gonzalez is supposedly a changed man -- one who became more invested in learning about analytics during the winter.

It's worth noting the Tigers probably aren't too concerned about in-game decision-making right now, given their immersion into a full rebuild. Gonzalez's outlook would be to babysit the position until the roster improves, at which point the Tigers would probably opt for a better strategist. Tough? Yes. True? Most likely.

Perrotto also noted that Gabe Kapler, currently in a player development role with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has boosters within the organization. Kapler has never been a manager in the majors.