Found on the Internet: Hypothetical World Cup team of MLB players

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Over at NotGraphs, FanGraphs's sinister-minded adopted brother, Carson Cistulli has assembled a pretend World Cup soccer team made up of current MLB players.

Please regard the following photographic rendering ... 

(Image: FanGraphs)

Mike Trout! I'll let you discern the other faces for yourself, but please do click through to read the names and Mr. Cistulli's rationale for choosing them

So if you were tasked with assembling a World Cup squad of MLBers, whom would you choose? Note: Mr. Trout's presence on the pitch is non-negotiable.

Personally, I might swap out Dustin Pedroia for Jacoby Ellsbury, but there's no accounting for tastes, of course. I also might be inclined to put a slick-fielding third baseman like Nolan Arenado, Manny Machado or Josh Donaldson in goal, what with the vaguely similar job descriptions. What about a catcher minding the net, you might ask? I wonder whether the needed mobility would be there. 

Either way, I have no doubt that glory most high would be theirs. 

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