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New York Mets fans everywhere have celebrated the team's acquisition of superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor, but a six-year-old Lindor fan might just be the happiest of all. Felix Rios, a longtime Mets fan, was able to tell his son Carmelo that the team acquired Lindor, and the young fan's reaction was priceless.

Rios set up the reveal, writing "Francisco Lindor is a Met" and hanging up the shortstop's jersey to show Lindor's biggest fan. In the video, Carmelo says, "What is the news?" When he walks in and reads the update, he lets out an excited shriek and hugs his dad.

"I'm almost about to cry right now," Carmelo says, as he takes in the news that his favorite player is on his favorite team.

Rios posted the video on Twitter, writing, "Thank You @StevenACohen2 for making my 6 year old son the happiest kid on the planet."

Lindor saw the video and wanted to reach out to connect with the young fan. They did a video call together, where Lindor said watching Carmelo cry with excitement made him almost cry as well.

"The video was awesome!" Lindor said. "You were incredible ... you brought a lot of emotions to me."

Lindor added that the reaction touched his family and friends as well, and they were moved at how happy someone was regarding the news.

"I can't wait to meet you Carmelo," Lindor said, noting that he and the Mets will be sending Carmelo some gear.